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One of Hawai`i's most enduring symbols is the flower lei.  There is perhaps no better way to say "Aloha", or convey the essence of Hawai`i, than to gently place an orchid or fragrant flower lei around the shoulders of a friend or loved one.


There is a large variety of flower leis from Hawai`i, from the durable dendrobium orchid and vanda leis, to the fragrant tuberose and plumeria leis.  Also available is the long-lasting ti leaf leis which can be woven into many patterns and symbolizes protection, food and healing.  Haku or head leis are popular for weddings.  No matter what the occasion, Hawai`i's Lei's are the perfect gift.


  • Unpack the leis immediately.  

  • Mist with cool clean water and loosely wrap with newspaper to absorb excess moisture.  Some lei suppliers may wrap leis in ti leaf.  Mist leis (except for tuberose) and re-wrap in ti leaf until ready to use.

  • Store in cooler at 50 - 55 degrees F.

  • Keep leis away from heat and temperatures below 45 degrees F.

  • Fragrant leis should be used immediately.

  • Orchid leis can last in in a cooler for up to 3 days, mist with cool water daily.



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Single Dendro
Double Dendro
Single Dendro w/ Ti Leaf
Single Ti Leaf
Double Ti Leaf
Maile Style Ti Leaf
Kukui Nut  
Kukui Nut w/ Mock Org. Misc Local Only!

Kukui Nut w/ Mock Org. Misc Local Only!

Kukui Nut w/ Mock Org. Misc Local Only!
Single Ti Leaf w/ Pk Gin,Shel
Single Ti Leaf w/ Rd Gin,Shel
Song of India w/ Pink Ginger
Song of India w/ Red Ginger
Micronesian Ginger
Bumatay Maile
Standard Maile Local Only!

Deluxe Maile Local Only!

Thailand Dlx 1-9
Thailand Dlx 2-9
Thailand Dlx 3-9
Thailand Dlx 4-9
Thailand Dlx 5-9
Thailand Dlx 6-9
Thailand Dlx 7-9
Thailand Dlx 8-9
Thailand Dlx 9-9
Single Thailand Sonia