It's no wonder the Protea was named after the Greek god who could change his appearance at will. That's because this tropical treasure offers a startling diversity of shapes, sizes, hues and even textures -- all merging to create more than 1,400 varieties that entice you to literally feel their color. Despite this diversity, all Protea share a common advantage -- excellent keeping qualities. Hawaii's scientists have researched Protea and hybridized many so that Hawaii's growers can provide you with the best quality.


Protea flowers are a unique and exciting family of flowers. They include the varied protea family, which includes the large and impressive King Protea; furry, tactile Minks; the colorful and durable Leucospermum flowers that look like pincushions; Leucodendron flowers used as filler in both fresh and dried arrangements and Banksia with the corn cob flower head and serrated leaves.


  • Unpack the flowers immediately.

  • Trim up to 1/2 inch (off of the stems,) being careful not to mash them. Remove leaves that will be in the vase solution.

  • Protea are thirsty, so you'll want to maintain an adequate supply of clean water, preferably with a floral preservative, in, of course, a clean vase.

  • The ideal storage temperature for all protea varieties is in a floral refrigerator between 36 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • If you notice leaf discoloration on some of your Protea -- Minks, for example -- rest assured that this is a natural phenomenon and does not diminish the usability of the product. Removing leaves immediately around the flower head can enhance flower display. But keep in mind that you can obtain some control through the use of commercial floral preservatives, ideal storage temperatures, and adequate light.

You can dry Protea by hanging them upside down in a dark place. Or simply let your arrangement dry naturally.


  • Recut stems once.

  • Use clean water — with or without a floral preservative.

  • Keep flowers away from heat sources and drafts.

  • Display near a window when possible.


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